T.Reeves – Logo, Candle & Package Design

Branding, Logo, Package Design
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The T.Reeves logo was designed for a new luxury candle line preparing to hit the market in Fall 2016. Created by an incredible massage therapist, Liticia Reeves, the T.Reeves philosophy is inspired by the busy life of the ambitious and entrepreneurial-minded, and the idea that even the busiest of us need to make time to relax, re-energize and self-reflect. The final logo is based off of Litica’s own handwriting and signature providing a very personal touch to the products and the brand.

Each candle in this line will honor a mantra influenced by Liticia’s own life experiences and those people around her who have served as mentors and reminders that we must remain balanced in our daily lives, and take the time to recharge, perhaps alongside the scents of an elegant T.Reeves candle.

Here you will find the mock-up designs for a couple of the candles still in conception.