Habit Blcx – Progress Is A Process EP | Merchandise | Marketing | Photography

Album Artwork, Branding, Marketing, Photography, Social Media Design
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This album artwork was designed and development for Hip Hop artist, Habit Blcx. The client and myself agreed that we wanted to keep the artwork clean and simple. We conducted a photo shoot with myself as the photographer to gather a nice selection of images to work with for the album cover, as well as, marketing collateral to come with the release of the album. The photo on this cover is one that came from that photo shoot.

I felt that the progression of weight on the typeface of the album title was a nice, subtle way to illustrate “progress” in the design as a reflection of the title “Progress is a Process.”

Also designed were hats and t-shirts complimenting the album artwork to be sold as merchandise while the artist embarks on tour and a flyer to promote the “Progress is a Process” tour on the artist’s website and social media.


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  • Photography
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