Durphey Events Branding & Business Collateral

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This logo was designed for an event planning and consulting company called Durphey Events. Specializing in mid-sized corporate and business conferences and events, it was important that the branding of this company reflected polished professionalism and trustworthyness. The owner, Brittany Durphey, hopes to build her business into one of the top recommended event planning businesses within the Phoenix, AZ area in the next 5 years, and eventually across the nation. With that in mind, the design remains classic and elegant, not to be washed away with the constant churn of design trends and to stand the test of time as the business grows over the years.

Brand guidelines were also created for the client to accompany the logo. Brand guidelines will better guide future partners with which Durphey Events may collaborate and will help ensure consistency and quality of the brand across all of it’s uses. View guidelines below.

For more on Durphey Events please visit their website at https://durpheyevents.com/

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